Tuesday, September 29

Here They Are

Here they are. All done up and ready to make you smile. This first one is Candy Corn Annie. She has her little trick or treat bag made like a candy corn and the cutest little black candy corn print on her dress. She is 11" high. I think she will smile if someone takes her trick or treating.

Now this is ghosts and pumpkins Annie. She has a jack o lantern trick or treat bag and is smiling cause she knows candy is soon to fill her little treat bag. Check her out.

And of course here is purple harvest Annie. She is just ready to sit around and enjoy the nice fall weather that is on the way. She has little scarecrows, stars, leaves and acorns on her dress.

They have just been listed on eBay. You can see more pictures here: janmariedollsandprims on eBay . See you again soon.

jan ;) janmariedollsandprims on eBay

Monday, September 28

Three on the Way!

I have three little cuties on the way. My little 3 year old grandbaby said Grammy, I love all your baby dolls. Enough for me, that's why I do it.

Well here are the cuties, no arms no legs and they still look adorable to me. I hope they don't have to scratch their noses, could be a problem. Stay posted I will be listing them on eBay this week.

Ya'll have a great evening. See you back soon.

Jan :) janmariedollsandprims on eBay

Tuesday, September 22

Prim Pumpkins

Hi! Ya'll and Prim Blessings,

Something a little different and just simply prim. Great to tuck in your prim cupboard or sit on a prim shelf. They turned out really great. I painted, stained and grungied them up good. Added a real tree branch to the top along with a rusty wire curl. These would also look great as part of your fall table decor or on your Thanksgiving table.

These are listed as a pair on ebay right now. You can bid on them at: janmariedollsandprims on eBay.

Also, I am going a little batty and they will be listed on eBay next. Check them out at: Bats on eBay.

I love these bats. They are made from muslin which has been painted, sanded and grungied up. Great bowl fillers or you could add some wire or string and hang them for Halloween.

Have a great day!

Jan :) janmariedollsandprims on eBay

Sunday, September 20

Pumpkin Girl & Boo Doll

Well, I finished her at last. I think she is awesome. Tell me what you think. Leave a comment. I just now listed her on eBay: janmariedollsandprims on eBay . There are many more pictures there.

I love fall colors and of course Halloween with all the candy and stuff. I mean who doesn't like candy.

Gotta go. I am still working on so many things. I'll keep you posted.

Jan :) janmariedollsandprims

Wednesday, September 16

Ghost Annie

Whew! I am telling you September came in so fast and hasn't stopped yet. I can't believe it's almost the end of September already.

Well, I made a few more of those witch boots I love so much. Just listed them on ebay. If you like you can bid on them here: janmariedollsandprims on eBay .

I also added another Lil Jack the Pumpkin Man. I will be adding the most awesome pumpkin make do's for fall. They really came out great.

And I have a new little Ghost Annie. She can be bid on here: janmariedollsandprims on eBay . I didn't post the picture yet, but she has a little friend named "Boo". He is a ghost of course. I will post a picture of them together ASAP.

You can also catch a glimpse of the Witch Boots in this picture. I am working on so many things right now, I just have to focus and finish some before I end up with a box of unfinished projects.

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